Covid-19: Keeping Our Guests Safe


Please watch this short video highlighting our new enhanced cleaning and physical distancing protocols. 


Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • All surfaces and areas of condo cleaned with All-Purpose Antibacterial cleaner which meets CDC requirements and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  • All surfaces including all flooring, tile, and countertops will be sealed with ceramic Titanium Dioxide. This sealer uses natural and ambient light to convert water naturally in the air into hydrogen peroxide. This process is constantly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces even while not being used or touched. More information on this process below on this below.
  • Electrostatic Sanitizing and Fogging: This is the same process that the major airlines and large hotel chains are using.  Commercial grade Lysol passes through an electrically charged ion that keeps the disinfectant active for up to 30 days and then is shot out the fogger to cover even the hardest to reach places. Once all the cleaning is done the unit is completely fogged in this manner and then the door closed and a seal placed on the door. This seal will ensure guests that the unit is totally cleaned, sanitized, and has not been entered since.
  • ATP Testing: This tester uses swabs to test the bacteria and biofilm of surfaces. We will be using these testers to randomly test our cleaning staff and report the surface test findings. The goal with this process is to test with less than 10 readings which are the Operating Room clean. 
  • Public Areas: In the public areas such as hallways, elevators, lobby, pool area, gym, etc. you will see the “Covid Clean Team”. These cleaners are in bright lime green shirts and their entire function is to wipe down and disinfect high touch point areas such as doors, elevator buttons, pool chairs, gym equipment etc.
  • Air Filters: MERV 8 Efficiency, Electrostatically charged fiber trap virus-carrying dust and bacteria.


     Physical Distancing Protocols

  • Plexiglas partitions at the check-in desk and all indoor public/staff interaction areas.
  • Physical distancing floor decals for reminding of proper spacing per CDC guidelines.
  • All barstools removed from the bar and all tables spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • All staff in public areas will be required to wear gloves and a mask unless behind a Plexiglas partition.





Covid-19 Terms and Conditions

•    Vacation rentals may not be used for events or group gatherings that exceed the maximum occupancy. Only Guests whose names are on the reservation are authorized to stay in the home. Any Guest having events or group gatherings in the home or exceeding the numbers of authorized Guests will be immediately evicted without a refund.