Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With National Milk Chocolate Day

Are you a chocolate lover and need an excuse to indulge in a delicious treat? Well you're in luck because July 28th marks a special occasion for all chocolate enthusiasts: National Milk Chocolate Day! To help you make the most of this delectable celebration, we've compiled a list of the best places in Orlando to get your milk chocolate fix. 


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Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park


Take a daytrip to the charming neighborhood of Winter Park and experience Peterbrooke Chocolatier. This family-owned chocolatier specializes in crafting hand-dipped chocolate treats, and their milk chocolate creations are pure bliss. From classic milk chocolate truffles to chocolate-covered popcorn and strawberries, you'll find an array of irresistible options here.

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The Ganachery at Disney Springs


Disney Springs is a hub of entertainment, shopping, and delectable treats. The Ganachery is one gem you can't miss, especially on National Milk Chocolate Day. Indulge in their luscious ganache squares and Disney-themed treats from an ever-changing menu. From milk chocolate-covered marshmallows to milk chocolate lollipops, each piece is a work of art.

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Chocolate Kingdom


Welcome to Chocolate Kingdom where you’ll enjoy an educational and scrumptious experience. This interactive tour takes you through a mini chocolate factory, where you can witness the chocolate-making process from the cacao bean to chocolate bar. Kids will love this tour, as well, with interactive elements such as catapulting marshmallows into a dragon’s mouth!

As for getting your chocolate fix, there is a wide variety of options in the storefront. There’s even an opportunity to make your own chocolate bar from a list of delicious options!

Photo courtesy of David Ramirez Chocolates


David Ramirez Chocolates


If you’re in search of exquisite handcrafted chocolate creations just 10 minutes away from your Vista Cay stay, David Ramirez Chocolates is a must-visit for you. David Ramirez, the co-owner of this boutique chocolate shop, is a world-renowned pastry chef and chocolatier. They craft small-batch chocolates using the highest-quality ingredients. Share the love of beautiful chocolate creations with your friends and family with a box of colorful assorted chocolates.


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Chocolate Museum & Cafe


Visit the Chocolate Museum & Cafe, where you can taste top-quality chocolate and explore the fascinating history of this beloved treat. During the tour, experience the origins of chocolate, admire the detailed chocolate sculptures, and indulge in a tasting room. After the educational journey, treat yourself to their delectable milk chocolate creations. From truffles to hot chocolate at the café, you'll be immersed in a world of pure chocolate joy.


So, what are you waiting for? Gather your fellow chocoholics, mark your calendars, and explore the best chocolate havens in Orlando for an unforgettable National Milk Chocolate Day celebration! Whether you decide to embark on a chocolate tour, create your custom chocolate bars, or simply savor each bite of velvety milk chocolate, this special day is the perfect excuse to indulge in the sweetest of treats.