Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Set to Open in Orlando on August 29th

a little girl creating her own lightsaber

The long-awaited opening of Disney’s biggest “land” expansion in decades is coming up at the end of August and fans are ready to enter this immersive intergalactic theme park experience

The Force is Strong in Orlando and the Star Wars Universe is about to open a new spaceport in Central Florida with the new Galaxy’s Edge expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Fans of the Star Wars franchise have been eagerly waiting for an official Open Date and finally, Disney has set the date for August 29th. Work has been happening at lightspeed at the Orlando theme park, which has been preparing for the new attraction for the past few years since it was announced.

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is set on a specific timeline within the Star Wars Universe. Most people are familiar with the franchise’s “starting point” of Star Wars: A New Hope (also known as Episode IV) because it was the original movie released in 1977. The new Disney attraction is set during the time between the end of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the upcoming new movie, dubbed The Rise of Skywalker. Hence, Galaxy’s Edge is expected to hint about many upcoming details on the soon-to-be-released new Star Wars movie—the final installment in the Skywalker-themed epic movie series.

A whole new world was created within the Star Wars Universe and Galaxy’s Edge transports you to Batuu, a remote outpost where denizens of the galaxy come to drink, eat, shop, and enjoy all the fun entertainment it has to offer. That said, the most awaited ride at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. This attraction will put guests inside the cockpit of Han Solo and Chewbacca’s famed light freighter, immersing you into the action by taking on the roles of pilot, engineer and gunner. Another

Another highly-awaited attraction will be Savi’s Workshop, where guests will be able to build their very own lightsabers. Word has it that this $200 experience (yes, in addition to your park ticket) will give you the chance to assemble a customized hilt, with a Kyber crystal that will define the color of the blade. While some people may not see this private attraction worth the money, most Star Wars fans will love the opportunity to build such an iconic toy weapon in an immersive experience.

Last, you should take into consideration that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be a highly popular attraction in the first few days after the grand opening. Guests are advised to arrive early to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and check with the park staff for any special rules or guidelines to follow. You can also check Disney’s website to find out if there are any requirements needed before you plan to experience Galaxy’s Edge.

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